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Who Is Tresor Ezoman?

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and currently based in Winnipeg, Ezoman is a bold young rapper with a global vision for what his music can achieve. His music is a fusion of African influences, French lyricism, and classic American hip hop, all combined into a brand new sound all his own. With his newest album, the stunning ‘Duality,’ Ezoman is set to take his rightful place as one of his generation’s most innovative artists.


Born Tresor Namwira chimusa in the small city of Bukavu, Ezoman was introduced to music at a young age…

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The song “Motherland” delves into the personal experience of love. Ezoman from Africa and Black Lantern from the Caribbean collaborated to showcase unity and diversity through their music. Their shared passion for music and desire to create something extraordinary brought them together. Through their collaboration, they aim to spread love, unity, and cultural appreciation, breaking barriers and bringing people together through the universal language of music.


JULY 23 2022


‘Duality’ is a special record from one of this generation’s most vital voices.
“I want people to embrace both the dark and light inside of them,” Ezoman explains

Balance between light and darkness is a constant theme on ‘Duality.’ Ezoman looks to foster peace in a world that seems hell bent on descending into chaos.


Messages Codés

“MESSAGES CODÉS ” is the artist’s most accomplished record, signed with a very personal and authentic writing. “For this album, I surrounded myself with exceptional collaborators and friends who were able to translate exactly what I wanted to convey to the public. I am a French-speaking immigrant to Canada and I wanted to let this clash of cultures shine through,”


Nouveau Monde Nouvelles Perspectives (Namwira Folks)

“Nouveau Monde, nouvelle perspective” is a musical album which includes 8 songs addressing a multiplicity of themes among others: tolerance, perseverance, love, determination… This album dedicated to a very diverse audience will have to be able to convey a constructive and moralistic message; a message that will be transmitted easily to the public to inspire an idea of a Canada without racism, without discrimination or mistrust. credits released March 9, 2013

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