Who Is Tresor Ezoman?

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and currently based in Winnipeg, Ezoman is a bold young rapper with a global vision for his music. His unique sound combines African influences, French lyricism, and classic American hip hop, creating a fusion that sets him apart from his peers. Ezoman’s journey in music began at a young age, surrounded by classical and church music, which helped him develop his voice. However, it was French hip hop that captured his heart and provided a safe haven during the chaotic times in his war-torn country.

After his family moved to Canada, Ezoman was able to fully pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. Settling in Winnipeg, he formed his first band, Namwira Folks, and quickly became a prominent figure in the local music scene. In 2016, he released his debut solo album, “Messages Codés,” showcasing his talent and potential to redefine hip hop. The album transcended languages, borders, and genres, with each track bursting with charisma and universal stories.

Ezoman’s latest album, “Duality,” represents a significant artistic leap forward for him. The album delves into the balance between darkness and light, aiming to foster peace in a world seemingly descending into chaos. While his music may not save the world, it creates a spirit of contemplation among his growing fanbase. “Duality” is a testament to Ezoman’s status as one of modern music’s most vital voices.

In an exciting collaboration, Ezoman and Black Lantern, a talented R&B, Reggae, and Dancehall artist from Jamaica, have joined forces for the highly anticipated single “Motherland.” This collaboration brings together their diverse cultural backgrounds and musical influences, creating a captivating fusion of sounds. The single, set to be released on February 2, 2024, is a celebration of their shared African heritage and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity. “Motherland” is just a taste of what is to come from Ezoman and Black Lantern, as Ezoman prepares to release his fourth studio album, “City of Gods,” later in 2024. This album will showcase Ezoman’s unique blend of genres and provide listeners with a profound musical experience.

Ezoman has a lot of exciting plans for the future, with Black Lantern offering updates on upcoming performances, showcases, and dance classes on social media platforms. Ezoman continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, captivating audiences with his thought-provoking projects, lyrics, and business ideas. His unique sound sets him apart in the industry. “Motherland” and the album “City of Gods” are set to make a significant impact in the music industry, showcasing the immense talent and creativity of Ezoman and Black Lantern. Don’t miss the release of “Motherland” on February 2, 2024, and stay tuned for the album “City of Gods” later in the year.

2013 - Nouveau Monde Nouvelles Perspectives

"Nouveau Monde, nouvelle perspective" is a musical album which includes 8 songs addressing a multiplicity of themes among others: tolerance, perseverance, love, determination... This album dedicated to a very diverse audience will have to be able to convey a constructive and moralistic message; a message that will be transmitted easily to the public to inspire an idea of a Canada without racism, without discrimination or mistrust. credits released March 9, 2013

2016 - Messages Codés

TRESOR EZOMAN LAUNCHES HIS NEW ALBUM “« MESSAGES CODÉS »” Montreal, January 11, 2016 – Congolese by origin and Manitoban by adoption, the artist Trésor Ezoman presents his most recent album where he expresses himself on his roots, his vision of the world and this future that belongs to us. “MESSAGES CODÉS ” is the artist’s most accomplished record, signed with a very personal and authentic writing. “For this album, I surrounded myself with exceptional collaborators and friends who were able to translate exactly what I wanted to convey to the public. I am a French-speaking immigrant to Canada and I wanted to let this clash of cultures shine through,” says the 25-year-old artist, eager to showcase his origins through music. Directed by Samuel Mulimbwa, this album includes many collaborations. The singer-songwriter has notably teamed up with the Namwira Sisters, Stéphanie Namwira, Ariane Jean, Alpha Toshineza, Boss Namwira and Bathélémy Bolivar to sign texts and melodies tinged with this multiculturalism of which he is so proud. Trésor Ezoman will not fail to inspire his audience, with felt and accurate lyrics, but also to make them dance with catchy and skilfully produced melodies. Participant in the « Découvertes manitobaines », recipient of the Nyota Awards (2012) as well as the Western Canadian Music Award (2014), the artist has not finished surprising us. For more information and to know the next concert dates, go to The album “MESSAGES CODÉS ” will be released on February 5, 2016 and will be available on all digital web platforms.

‘Duality’ is a special record from one of this generation’s most vital voices.

2022 - Duality

Tresor Ezoman Reinvents Himself On Deeply Moving Album ‘Duality’ The Congolese-Canadian artist explores love and darkness with rare conviction on a stunning new collection that merges hip-hop with globally influenced sounds. Tresor Ezoman is a rarity in the hip-hop world: a genuine one of a kind talent. His ambitious, multi-lingual approach to music has made him a fan favorite, while the depth of his lyricism keeps him at the forefront of his genre. With ‘Duality,’ he has created his most compelling collection of songs to date. “I want people to embrace both the dark and light inside of them,” Ezoman explains. “We were all made that way.” Balance between light and darkness is a constant theme on ‘Duality.’ Ezoman looks to foster peace in a world that seems hell bent on descending into chaos. And while his jubilant melodies and poetic meditations won’t save the world, they will certainly create a spirit of contemplation for his ever-growing fanbase. ‘Duality’ is a special record from one of this generation’s most vital voices. ‘Duality’ will be available everywhere this summer. Contact: For More Info: